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A Brief Comparison of Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine

All throughout man’s civilization, medicine has played a very vital role in maintaining the health of people. In fact, shamans and medical figures were oftentimes occupying relatively high and significant positions in most ancient societies.  Up to now, people still put so much premium on medical professions. From crude concoctions to intensive medical procedures today, there is no doubt that man has developed his knowledge of medicine and medical treatments. However, the recent decades have seen mainstream regression towards more traditional and less invasive forms of medicine. One of them is homeopathy.

To delineate the differences between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine, we must look into the main differences between the two according to:

I. Main Principles


The main contention of homeopathy is that the treatment for an ill person is the same substance that can elicit symptoms of the disease to an otherwise healthy person. In this approach, both the physical and psychological states of the person are important in the selection of appropriate treatments.

Conventional Medicine

The main thesis of conventional medicine is that treatment can only be done to a person with disease. Otherwise, the person is healthy and requires no medical attention. 

II. Main philosophy


In essence, homeopathy is a vitalist philosophy which regards diseases, disorders and sicknesses as products of disturbances in the life force or the vital force. Such disturbances are the host of symptoms that distinguish one disease from another. In this type of approach, it is believed that the life force has the capacity to adapt to both internal and external causes. This phenomenon is more popularly known as the law of susceptibility. These further states that a negative state of mind could attract miasms or hypothetical diseases. These miasms could enter the body and produce the symptoms of a particular disease. Apart from this law, there are other central philosophies to which homeopathy adheres to such as like cures like, the principle of single remedy and the principle of minimal dosage.

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The Nutrition In Black Tea

The basis of black tea nutrition is simple but true: Antioxidants promote well-being. The more antioxidants you consume, the better to boost your body’s natural disease prevention processes.

The Camellia sinensis plant where black tea and all other “real” teas come from has leaves rich with antioxidant-acting phytochemicals called polyphenols. This means that black tea nutrition beverages are good sources of antioxidants for your body.

History records tea as long as four, nearly five, thousand years ago. According to one Chinese legend, the Emperor Shen Nung was boiling water one day when the leaves of a nearby plant fell into the pot. This created the first pot of tea.

In the new millennium, scientific evidence is supporting the link between black tea nutrition and health benefits. Besides polyphenols, black tea nutrition is also a source of several major antioxidants, including flavonoids, which could neutralize the free radicals in the body, helping to maintain healthy cells and tissues. Flavonoids are special phytochemicals found not only in tea leaves, but in apples, onions, and other fruits and vegetables as well.

The majority of flavonoids are released from the tea leaves after 2 minutes of steeping. But the amounts and potency of flavonoids you get from black tea nutrition may depend on the variety, the manufacturing process, and the brewing conditions. Other antioxidants in black tea nutrition include tannins, catechins, theaflavins, and theaburigins. All these antioxidants add to the health benefits in black tea nutrition.

In processing black tea, the leaves of the tea plant undergo four different steps. First, the leaves are harvested and allowed to wither. Afterwards, they are crushed or rolled in order to release the essential oils, polyphenols, and beneficial compounds to coat the surface of the leaves. Then, they are exposed to the air, heat, and humidity in a process called “fermentation” or oxidation, after which, they are allowed to dry.

Do You Use Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream?


Does anti aging anti wrinkle cream really work?


Some of the solutions on the market contain nothing that has been proven effective for preventing wrinkles.


In fact, many of them contain compounds that actually interfere with the skin’s natural rejuvenation process.


Some of them contain ingredients that cause permanent damage to collagen and elastin fibers.


If you read as many consumer reviews as I have, you will see that adverse reactions are common and sometime serious.


I really feel sorry for people who try an anti aging anti wrinkle cream expecting to look better and feel better about their appearance, only to end up with rashes, pimples, bumps, irritations and permanent changes in color.


In the worst reported cases, women have experienced “cracking”, damage so severe that only cosmetic surgery can repair it.


Preventing wrinkles begins with avoiding products that contain known allergens, irritants and toxins.


You can start by looking for companies that adhere with the European Unions strict standards for safe cosmetics.


That will exclude all of the major manufacturers in the United States.



They are still operating under the belief that the toxins in cosmetics do not penetrate the outer layers of the skin.


Even though, researchers have shown that these chemicals DO penetrate the pores, enter the bloodstream and get stored in the tissues and organs throughout the human body.

Beauty of Bodybuilding

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