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Dental Care Is Preventative Medicine




FACT:  Less than 3% of our population has a dental plan in place. Even when our economy was doing fairly well, this sad statistic was still the same. 


FACT:  Most employers do not offer dental insurance, even when they offer medical insurance…In spite of the fact that the health of our mouth has a direct impact on the rest of our body.   


We are so busy and focused on caring for those we love, often times we put off taking care of ourselves.  

More times than not, we will justify buying a new pair of shoes over taking care of our teeth, even if the shoes cost more.  When it comes to dental care, procrastination is quite common.  This can be dangerous and put us at a greater risk of developing certain health problems.  We are also at a greater risk of developing cavities, periodontis and even abcesses. 


“I will just pull my tooth.”


Bad idea.  When you opt to pull an infected tooth as opposed to fixing it, the bone in your jaw recedes.  This not only ages a person, but can cause problems for the opposing teeth.  You are potentially opening yourself up to a new set of problems.  If you must pull a tooth, plan on replacing it with a dental implant. 


“I cannot afford to take care of my teeth.” 


Guess what?  You can’t afford NOT to.  Dental hygeine and maintenance are cumulative…Just like taking care of your skin, your home or your vehicle.  It is not an expense.  It is an investment in your teeth and overall health for the rest of your life.  You can help eliminate the possiblilty of numerous health issues by simply seeing your dentist on an ongoing basis. 


“I will fix these cavities later.”


And it will cost you more later, be more painful later and possibly lead to a root canal the longer you put it off.  The cavities will not magically go away.  Think of it as leaving your faucet running.  The longer the water is running, the higher your bill is going to be.  The same is true for dental care or procedures. 


“I will just get dentures later if I need too much dental work.” 


Really?  Because that is going to cost you a fortune.  You will have to be fitted for temporary dentures while the more permanent set is being made.  As your bone recedes where those teeth were pulled, you will need to have new dentures made on an ongoing basis.  You can’t always expect them to fit year after year.  As you lose or gain weight, you will need new ones.  Trying to keep your teeth is always the better option for you and your wallet. 


“I had a bad experience with a dentist.  I am afraid to go.” 


You aren’t the only one.  For every dentist lacking in compassion, there are many that specialize in and have a great deal of training in helping their patients to feel more comfortable.  You are in the driver’s seat here in that you get to choose your dentist.  If you don’t like them, go with your gut and select another one.  Ask friends for referrals.  As your dentist, it is their job to help you maintain the health of your mouth.  It is also their job to ease your mind and treat you as if you are their only patient that day.  Make them “sell” themselves and their practice to you.  A dentist that truly cares about you and values your business will automatically do this.  If they do not, get up and leave. 


It is important to brush and floss your teeth everyday.  It is equally as important to see a dentist for professional cleanings.  Our mouths are full of bacteria that can develop into plaque or tarter if we do not practice proper oral hygiene.  When that bacteria enters the bloodstream it is carrying the disease from your mouth into the rest of your body.  This puts us at a greater risk for cardiovascular problems, diabetes, certain types of cancer and even premature birth.  In extreme cases, abcesses that have gone untreated spread to the brain, which can be fatal.  


We will have the oil changed in our cars, detail our cars and spend money on extra add-on parts for our cars that we don’t even need.  Yet many people (in spite of the health risks) will not make that kind of effort to care for their own teeth!  Maybe we should rethink how we see dental health and make it more of a priority. 


Usually the first thing people notice about you is your smile.  Having a nice smile conveys confidence!  For both health and cosmetic reasons it is crucial that we take care of our teeth.  Be the parent that makes sure your child brushes their teeth and sees the dentist.  The best way to set an example for them is to do the same.  If they see that you are diligent about caring for your teeth, they will be, too. 


If dental insurance is not a good fit for you, consider a discount dental plan for yourself or your family.  Typically dental insurance requires a waiting period before you can use it, but you still have to pay the premiums in the meantime.  Discount dental plans require zero paperwork, are activated immediately and have no waiting period.  Unlike dental insurance, which has a yearly maximum, there is no limit when using a discount plan and many cosmetic procedures are included, too.  You can sign up online today, select a participating dentist and use your discount dental plan right away. 


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