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Review : Beauty Blender (the pink sponge) This is my most frequently asked about product. The Beauty Blender is quite unique and is very easy to use. I highly recommend it! This video gives you the pros and cons about the product along with instructions on how to use it properly. One more thing I didn’t mentioned in my video is that the Beauty Blender claims to be an eco-friendly product. When you are done with your sponges, you can send it back to beauty blender’s headquarters and they will recycle the sponge for you :) Hope this review helped! ** The video ends abruptly, but it’s no mistake LOL I just wanted to end it that way :) Catalina

25 Responses to “Review : Beauty Blender (the pink sponge)”

  • DaraBubamara1983:

    Thumb up for a crocodile :D

  • JessicaFearless:

    you can use the beauty blender with any type of foundation as long as the sponge is damp… which is the proper way to use it. You won’t wast product and It won’t stain your sponge…and thats another reason why the sponge comes with cleanser, so you can keep it clean after every use

  • Malinoator:

    there is no better tool as ur fingers..

  • iloveryan1984:

    I bet they are good but just so so expensive. I picked up a cheap alternative in Target and its called blending sponge i think. It worked amazing at very beginning but after like a month, it barely shrinks…i ended up throw it away. I guess the cleaning gel that comes with the sponge are helpful in terms of keeping them work longer?

  • WahhTheFahh:

    I’d rather just use my kitchen sponge… I wonder if that’d work the same. Hah.

  • jamiemonroe30:

    @makeupdiva08 Why do people ask dumb questions like this?? Not to be mean but dont you people listen or watch the whole video she said twice where you can get this sponge!!! You can get it at sephora for $40 with 2 sponges and a cleaner here is the link
    or you can get a dupe at target or Ulta! Ulta has one for $5 and i heard it works real great!!! Hope this helps!

  • makeupdiva08:

    where can i purchase the sponge from thank you

  • kellyyy439:

    They have them at Target thire blue and a littel bigger

  • melaniebaker:

    This is absolutely stupid! I like you and your videos but this brush is a joke!

  • hanmieyuki17:

    Hi.. in order to prevent any pimples when you use a make up, you should put on a moisturizer first before anything else because it will prevent the make up from blocking your pores.. Blocked pores causes acne.. :) i hoped this suggestion would help you.. :D

  • hellowjp:

    The water does look pink.

  • bluebell707:

    where can you buy it ?
    I live in sydney , aus lol

  • GlamourCheck93:

    you can use it for any type of foundation.. and 3 months is when you need to throw it out :)

  • MegaUnkown11:

    holy crap 40 dollars 4 a fukin sponge

  • MegaUnkown11:

    holy crap is fukin over 20 dollars ..!! :L

  • siljemh123:

    i’ts wierd that a man i saw on youtube said that you could just use it on mineral powder’s in a powdershape..

  • makeupbygloria:

    thats why there’s a cleanser it removes the stain, u can use it on cream foundation not just liquid

  • bonzylava:

    @KinkyMayhem i say buy one and try it u will understand that its completely different.

  • jfgrodriguez:

    ur really pretty

  • sophiechuiyee:

    awww no! bad times lol, just use the beauty blender AFTER yuve applied on foundation roughly and smooth it out with it = less product to eat up! x

  • vajh122027:

    @KinkyMayhem It is actually an amazing product, the square or triangle sponges that you buy in a drug store leaves lines on your face from the edge of the sponge. And this product leaves an airbrush finish without the airbrush……a musthave for makeup artists!!!

  • shakitty1:

    good review

  • KinkyMayhem:

    Wow what a pointless product? I can get a pack of 14 sponges for $4 which isnt even a quarter of the price of a beauty blender and its the same thing just a different shape. The fact that you can run it under water and it expands isnt special, all sponges do that?

  • ShhYsexy2:

    You’re so adorable! I love how you’re so down to earth in all of your videos! :) )

  • babyguurlxoxo:

    do you have a makeup tutorial for this look? i just started watching your vids so i dont know

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