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Manuka Honey- The Most Powerful Skin Care Ingredient

The surface of the body is regularly exposed to excessive harsh conditions of weather. It is this organ that is the most affected due to several ordeals of exterior as well as interior factors. Hence the surface requires immense care and maintenance. People often opt for synthetic and chemically prepared products; however, this might prove extremely harmful for the skin. The top most layer becomes prone to the tough ingredients that these products are composed of. So what’s the remedy? Let’s find out.

Natural substances have been best regarded as the most beneficial and helpful remedies devoid of any side effects. Not all such ingredients are powerful enough to bring a massive change to your skin texture. For years even ancients believed in the miraculous effects of manuka honey. The substance is pure nectar developed from the flowers of the monofloral shrub. This nectar is collected by the bees that happen to flock to gather honey from these plants. The fabulous nourishment from the nectar can actually heal several problems of the surface and even the internal system. As an external application it cures ailments like eczema, rough and flaky surfaces. It also prevents the formation of blemishes, acne and pimples. When consumed internally heals sour throat, ulcer of stomach, inflammation and even boils.

Ordinary nectar that appears like the honey is dissimilar in properties. These are not so beneficial for therapeutic usage. The honey when diluted over 100 times is capable of healing even the toughest of ailments of the skin and even the body. This potential can be realized by the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which determines the strength of the nectar. This usually ranges from 0-30 where 0 stands for the lowest and 30 for the stronger nectar. Any nectar of UMF16 and above is the best for medicinal purpose. So now obtain such fabulous properties in certain skin care products like the incredible ManukaSea! Magic prepared in Brisbane, Australia. The product is composed of essential ingredients like seaweeds obtained from the western coast of Ireland, almond oil and coconut oil. The nectar is brought from New Zealand which is exquisite and of the highest quality.

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