Don’t give up ! Buying Healthy Food In The Economic Crisis !

My FaceBook : Yes I have it ! Other YouTube Channel My Blog : I’v decided that I’m really going to crack down on my bad eating habits. I always bought the food that was the most affordable – cheep . Unfortunately, this has got me in a serious unhealthy life situation , not only have I gained weight , i also have become out of shape , its time to Slowly take my life back . Gonna try to to commit to buying only healthy . Video – Healthy Food on an Serious Unhealthy Budget. PS I found that healthy food is a little more expensive !

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  • mamatude33:

    Maybe I’m writing prematurely without seeing it in its entirety, or maybe I’m slow and missed the point, but with the title of this video – why put ‘honey buns’ and ‘peanut wafer bars’ in there as healthy? Was this intentional like healthier than twinkies or candy bars?

  • lillybart123:

    iceberg lettuce is worthless

  • SuperSpidey25:

    it’s always good to stay healthy. Hey, I noticed you didn’t use any coupons. You should try and use those. They can save a lot of money. good luck with the weight loss.

  • valhala56:

    @uspimpclub You seen me smiling on a vid. In real life I have had people literaly jump when I tapped them on the shoulder and they turned around and laid eyes on my frightening demeanor.

    BTW you don’t want to lose to much fat due to the coming lean time.That is what fat is for to store energy when you need it. You just don’t want to get to be a fatty and you can’t fight off zombies.

  • borisbmx:

    grains are used to fatten cattle fool. everything in your cart is processed food fool. everything you are buying is boxed or in a bag, hardly any real fool. where is the whole foods? where is the whole foods market? get a clue.

  • uspimpclub:

    @valhala56 seen you your not scary , two , I have been gaining weight like crazy , trying to work out more but still can’t lose the fat,,, Im telling you i think the days were i eat anything i want is over ,,

  • valhala56:

    Why you lookin to lose weight? You not fat. You don’t even know what fat is. I’m come down from a high of 385 lbs to now I’m right at 300. Of course I’m six foot 4 inch and scare the hell out of people.

  • uspimpclub:

    @misscoconuts2u yeh I love Aldi ,just not allot of choices ! Sometimes they dont have the things that you really need ,

  • misscoconuts2u:

    Don’t buy iceberg lettuce. Not as much vitamins. Buy Romain, it’s deeper green and more vitamins. Milk is over $1 cheaper at Aldis than the other grocery stores! I love Aldi Brothers store!

  • hypnofan35:

    i think good health comes with daily vegetables. Lately i’ve been adding frozen vegetables to Raman noodle soup for evening. It is light food for the evening. Of course vegetables make a difference even if is is largely sweeping but with vitamins. As long as your stomach doesn’t give you pain. Usually eat less than you might need. Oatmeal with raisins or dried fruit worlks well for morning.

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