Eat Healthy And Stay Fit With Authentic Indian Food

These days fast food is a big rage and people are hard pressed for time and want to grab food on the way as fast as possible. Due to this reason the trend of fast food has occurred more. What is happening in the contrary is the fact that it is harming our body and more and more ailments are occurring. Traditional Indian food is the best and healthiest of all world cuisines. The use of fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices adds the healthy quotient to the food. There are many dishes in Indian cuisine which contains no oil at all and are simple grilled and this process is commonly known as tandoori. An authentic Indian takeaway London would always deliver you the most authentic Indian food.

Even the doctors suggest that one should avoid as much as junk that one can and eat healthy and right. Whenever you order at home or grab some light bite the general tendency is to always end up eating junk or fast food which are no doubt very healthy but extremely harmful to the body. Always make a healthy choice when you plan to eat out and since there are many options available it is indeed confusing for the diners to choose the right one. When you order from an Indian take away always make sure that they serve your food on time and have the expertise to cook Indian cuisine the traditional way by using authentic Indian spices and fresh ingredients.

When you order for starters try to order for items which are tandoori style as this method of cooking uses minimum amount oil and the ingredients are marinated long hours with authentic Indian spices. This way of cooking is very healthy and benefits your body by many ways. For starters in tandoori you can order for items like chicken tikka, tandoori mix grill, Kali mirch chicken, paneer tikka and much more. For main courses you can order for tarka dal, channa masala, vegetable korma and much more for the vegetarians. For the non-vegetarian lovers as well there is a wide variety of choices like prawn curry, murgh masala, chicken korma and much more.

There are wide varieties of Indian breads popularly known as naans or rotis which you can have with this delicious Indian curry. When you order for rotis make sure you order plain rotis rather than butter ones. An authentic Indian takeaway London will always serve you not only with authentic Indian food but also with healthy food. The traditional style of cooking Indian food is extremely healthy and if the Indian takeaway London has the expertise then they would know the right way to cook you healthy food using the right amount of spices to attain the flavour and aroma.

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