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Acne Medicine – My Experience with OTC medicine

Did you know that over 180,000 people search for information on acne everyday, out of which 77,000 want to know more about acne medicine ? And that there are over 22 million sites talking about acne, and acne medicine, treatment and products ? This tells me a few things. One, there are many people out there suffering from acne, and they are interested in knowing what kind of acne medicine is available to help them cure their problem. Equally, there are millions of available acne treatments and products out there. Obviously, no one acne medicine is suitable for any one person then.

First, a quick review on what acne is. It is what the layperson calls “pimples” or “zits”. There are different forms of acne, and all can occur at the same time, though one stage does not necessarily progress to the next. There are comedones, or blackheads and whiteheads, as they are usually called. Then there are acne spots caused by bacteria, leading to inflammation, resulting in a red possibly painful swelling called a papule. If the papule does not subside spontaneously, a pustule may form. This heals by discharging pus. A severe enough reaction may cause a lot of deep damage, leaving behind scars.

Acne medicine has different purposes. There is acne medicine to prevent acne. There is medicine to prevent infection of the acne. And there is medicine to prevent scarring from the acne. Finally, there is medicine to minimise the effects of acne scarring, should scars form.

Acne Medicine for Mild and Severe Acne

Lots of people take medication without thinking about safety or how their structure will react to the presence. The unlucky truth is that lots of medications, over the counter as well as prescription, present several serious risks to the users. This might range from simple skin annoyance to more serious occurrence, which might require hospitalization. The best acne medicine is no different and has to be used sensibly and chosen with your personal health in consideration.

Before purchasing or else using any kind of acne medicine, confirm reading outside packaging for any warning notices. In addition, pay very close attention to instructions as well as guidelines for usage, which should be followed carefully. If you are making use of any kind of cream or else lotion as acne medicine, apply it only to a test area of your skin primarily. This has to be done so that you can ensure the product does not annoy your skin before applying it to rest of affected area. This is not just important to do with the new medicines, but also with the acne medicine, which you have utilized before. Product that does not originally cause irritation might cause it during next use, as a result always use test application technique before exposing your complete problem area to likely irritation. There are many kinds of acne medicine available in market today such as creams; gels some of those newly added like foam it is hard to believe that foam can also be the form of acne medicine.

Can Anti Aging Products Help You With Acne?

It is only recently that we have discovered the real cause of Acne. Basically when your liver and kidneys cannot cope with the toxins in your body, you begin to break out in Acne. So, if it is toxins that are the cause of Acne, can Anti Aging products really help?

It seems a little strange to think of using Anti Aging products to help with Acne, but when we look at the functions behind Anti Aging products, we can begin to get a better idea of why they may help.

Some of the best Anti Aging products have ingredients that are known as Antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent toxins and pollutants from getting into your blood stream and inner organs.

Unfortunately, most people think toxins enter your body from the foods you eat. Although this is true, the majority of toxins that get into your body are actually absorbed through your skin.

Your skin is your largest organ and it is in direct contact with all the toxins and pollutants in the air. When these toxins get on your skin, they are absorbed immediately and they go straight into your blood system.

If you think of toxins like the rays of the sun then you can get a better idea of what I am talking about here. If you lay in the sun and sunbathe, you will put sun screen on your body to protect it from the harmful rays. Preventing Acne should be looked at in the same way.

Acne Medicine – The Role of Antibiotics

Of the different types of acne medicine that need a doctor’s prescription, antibiotics are probably the most commonly used. How they work though in the treatment of acne is not exactly clear. For example, when antibiotics are used in the treatment of an infection such as a pneumonia, their effect by killing bacteria is quickly seen. However, in acne, antibiotics may take up to two months to show any improvement. As a result, many people give up before the medicine has had time to work.

Antibiotics can be used both as topical acne medicine as well as systemic acne medicine.

When used as topical acne medicine, they do not work as well as those taken orally. This may be because they do not penetrate the skin very well. Topical antibiotics do work well in acne of mild to moderate degree. And most people prefer to apply an acne medicine than to take it by mouth. However, they have to be used even when the acne has disappeared. The acne medicine has to be withdrawn gradually to minimise the appearance of new spots.

Examples of antibiotics used in topical acne medicine include tetracycline and clindamycin. As they are alcohol-based medicines, they may sting the skin. Tetracycline also has an interesting effect in very fair-skinned people – it becomes fluorescent under ultraviolet light ! So be careful when you go to a disco after having applied the acne medicine !

Healthy Skin Care : What Causes Back Acne?

Back acne can be caused by sweat, dirt and residue being rinsed off the hair and an unhealthy diet, so eating better, drinking plenty of water and washing the back last in the shower will help prevent back acne. Discover more about acne that can occur on the back, sometimes without a direct cause, with helpful information from a clinical aesthetician in this free video on skin care. Expert: Keeley Selvage Contact: Bio: Keeley Selvage has been in the skin care industry for over five years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz