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Beauty Care in Ayurveda

Ayurveda beauty care is aimed mainly at women. Beauty care according to Ayurveda is not just appearing beautiful, but also nurturing the physique for a healthy life. Ayurveda have suggestions for skin care, hair care and eye care. Following the instructions correctly can help you retain your beauty for several years. There are a few women, famous around the world, aged 60 or above and are still described beautiful. Ayurveda has the clues to that kind of nurturing your beauty.

Beauty really is a blessing. Not every woman has this blessing. However, everyone can make their appearance attractive and keep it that way for decades, if they listen to Ayurveda, eat the right kind of food, exercise (yoga) daily, and nurture their skin, hair, eyes, lips, foot, hands, mouth, teeth, etc with the recommended herbs.

Ayurveda never approves wearing makeup of any kind. Make-ups do not show real beauty. They are just a mask. However, Ayurveda recommends variety of cosmetics – henna, shoe flower (hibiscus), turmeric, sandalwood paste, aloe vera, etc.

Ayurveda recommends daily abhayanga (oil massage before bath), applying oil on your hair, practicing yoga, applying mascara (not the synthetic type), etc.

Beauty care massages are also recommended. Women can achieve glowing hair by applying certain types of herbal pastes, specially suited for their body or skin types. The herbal pastes can be a mixture or a sole herb – kasthoori manjal (Curcuma aromatica), mailanchi (henna, Lawsonia inermis), hibiscus, aloe vera, etc. Hair oil can have henna, hibiscus, kayyonni (eclipta alba), etc.