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What is actually involved in Dental Implants

It is all too easy to say that you know about dental implants. Yes, it is root replacement with a rod (metallic) to securely hold the new tooth or teeth in place and obliterates the need for a moving denture that is cumbersome and never looks natural. People are never comfortable with dentures either as it makes them look old and haggard. Let us see what it entails to undergo dental implant in an individual’s case.

There are millions of people in US who because of a number of factors lose their teeth. This number includes not just old people who lose teeth because of tooth decay but also those who suffer from diseases as well as those unfortunate ones who lose their teeth in freak accidents. Not all of these people know what it takes to have dental implants. It is important to note that implants are not the same routine procedure but a unique procedure has to be adopted for every patient as each one has unique requirements. For every lost tooth, a tooth root implant is placed, and this implant is mostly a rod of titanium that is inserted in the bone socket of the missing tooth. Jaw bone takes 6-12 weeks to heal completely and it also grows around this implant that becomes permanent. The new artificial tooth is secured with this implant through a connector.