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People Praise Their Anxiety Treatments

“It all began many years ago when I was graduating from my university. I was preparing myself for an important quiz and it just appeared out of nowhere”. That is how Steve Madison’s email to our website begins. “I could not believe or understand why it as happening to me. Almost unrealistic it was as I felt like dying. It was so cruel and violent. It totally seemed like a curse to me. I was sitting there innocently before it started …” He went on:” I was losing my connection with the world. I could not control a thing feeling dizzy and out of breath. It stopped for a second and then continued. Ever since that moment I am dependent on that feeling. I am scared to visit places as it may happen at anytime no matter who I am with. I don’t have to feel super overwhelmed now. Something will occur without my will”. What a sad letter that is. Unfortunately, panic attacks and anxiety don’t ask us for permission. They just appear, then disappear and then appear again. Can you help it? Yes you can. But this isn’t a very short walk. You will walk a thousand miles in the dark before you see the sunlight. Before we reveal all the cards to you and share the name of the best anxiety-relief drug, we would like you to know the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. If you were wondering whether or not you had it, you can clear your doubts right now with the help of this article. Anxiety and panic disorders do not wait for a special moment or occasion. Something people may think – “Oh if only we could be aware of the timing we would prepare ourselves for it”. And do you know what the worst thing about this sentence is? The fact that people are ready to compromise with their problems and they don’t even consider it right to fix them or fight the maladies they have. Of course, we don’t speak for all the population. Some people are concerned about themselves and that deserves praise. So here are the symptoms you might want to look through to know what you have:  Pounding heart  Feeling dizzy and sweaty  Hands feeling numb  Chills all over the body  Nausea  Breath shortness  Pain in the chest  The feeling of not being connected to reality  Flashes of memory  Loss of control Sometimes these experiences with anxiety are very dreadful. They scare people to death and give suicidal thoughts as it remains the only solution that could let them escape from these unpleasant feelings. We promised to reveal the name of the drug that can cope with any type of anxiety, even severe cases of it. The medication is called Xanax and it is very effective against any type of mental disorders that are related to panic, depression and anxiety. Xanax is one the most popular drugs on the market due to its’ unbelievable results. It is the type of drugs that you will be constantly thankful to for your days and night without panic. Xanax can be purchase in every drug-store with a prescription from your physician. You can order Xanax online and save yourself from the fear of going outside and being in the crowd. But remember one very important detail – don’t ever be afraid of being in public. Be afraid of not treating yourself from a malady that there is a good cure for. That is exactly what the drug is.

Preparing for the Next Decade: A 2020 Vision for Healthy People

Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Featuring Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Howard Koh, this presentation demonstrates how public health professionals and educators should use Healthy People. For more information, visit We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Impact of Education on Ethno-medicine and Health Care Practices Among the Tribal People of India

Impact of Education on Ethno-Medicine and Health Care

Practices among the Tribal People of India



We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.




            Anthropology as an integrated science of man deals with biological and cultural aspects of man. Presently anthropologists are more involved in applying their knowledge and techniques for human welfare.

            Ethno-medicine is a sub-field of medical anthropology and deals with the study of traditional medicines: not only those that have relevant written sources (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda), but especially those, whose knowledge and practices have been orally transmitted over the centuries.

            In the scientific arena, ethno-medical studies are generally characterized by a strong anthropological approach, more than a bio-medical one. The focus of these studies is then the perception and context of use of traditional medicines, and not their bio-evaluation.


            The Indian sub-continent is inhabited by 88.2 million tribal populations belonging to over 577 tribal communities that come under 227 linguistic groups. They inhibit varied geographic and climatic Zones of the country. Their vocation ranges from hunting, gathering, cave dwelling nomadic to societies with settled culture living incomplete harmony with nature.

4 Reasons Why People Should Use Alternative Medicine

Alternative forms of medicine are growing in popularity as people try to find a more holistic approach to their health. Conventional medicine is still very helpful but the underlying effects have sometimes caused people to become more aware of natural approaches to healing and preventative medicine.

1/ One of the reasons alternative medicine has been booming recently is because people are tired of taking a pill or other medication for every bump, bruise and cough. For many people, alternative medicine seems more reliable than so-called modern medicine. After all, modern drugs are recalled on a regular basis while acupuncture has been practiced continuously for more than 5,000 years. In many countries, the rush to make a profit on a new drug often leads to the product being placed on the market before its long-term effects are known. The recent prevalence of this problem has caused many people to seek treatment that is tried and true.

2/ Many people who seek out alternative medicine also do so because they do not want to fill their bodies with the chemicals that are inherent in more traditional medicine. Often the chemicals involved in prescription medication throw the body into a state of imbalance. For example, many antibiotics prescribed to treat infections cannot differentiate between infection and symbiotic organisms that are required for the human body to work as it should. The antibiotic kills off bacteria in the digestive tract and prevents the body from recovering as it should, perhaps prolong the illness.

Because of this overkill mentality in much of modern medicine, people seek out the kinder, gentler care of alternative medicine. And, in some cases wind up being treated with the herbs from which the modern medicine was derived. A foxglove tea is an herbal treatment for heart trouble, an alternative medicine approach. Digitalis, the medication prescribed for many with heart trouble, is a derivative and concentrated form of the plant.

Why Do People Take Dietary Supplements And Who Is The Audience For Supplement Marketers?

The use of condition-specific supplements more than doubled between 1999 and 2005. There are two possible reasons for this increase:

•Consumers could be switching from single-nutrient supplements to treat and prevent health issues to combination and condition-specific formulas
•Americans are more confident of their ability to take care of their own health

Consumers may be switching from single-nutrient supplements to condition-specific formulas because it is an easier and less costly route toward one-stop shopping for health.

Dietary supplements are a way for Americans to self manage and treat specific health issues.

The prevention of specific health issues and medical conditions has become the number one reason why 57% of consumers took a vitamin-mineral supplement for the first time over the past 5 years.

I personally had a rise in triglycerides for the first time. Instead of a prescription drug my doctor elected to try a dietary supplement, Niacin, in the hopes of reducing the triglyceride level. At my last exam, apparently this supplement worked for me. My triglyceride level was lowered after 6 months of taking the dietary supplement of Niacin. It has been more cost effective than a prescription drug.

Young people are specifically interested in improving physical performance as a motivator for starting vitamin and mineral supplements. The number one reason for adults aged 18 to 29 years to go on a vitamin-mineral regimen or make a dietary change is to enhance performance. Weight control is the second reason.

There continues to be steady growth of the belief in vitamin-mineral supplements as an effective means of treating and preventing health problems and conditions.

There is also a growing concern about vitamin-mineral supplements interacting with prescription medications. Some people are dissatisfied about the quantity of pills taken and other people have difficulty swallowing pills.