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Types of Protein Powders

Protein supplements have been popular especially among sports people for years, as they have been aided towards weight loss and repair of tissues. These supplement protein are found in different forms like bar, powder etc. protein found in the powdered form is refined and are also considered as an intensive dietary supplement. They can be consumed in a liquid form by making shake or smoothies, or can be sprinkled on any cereal or soup that is being cooked or baked. Protein, which plays an important role in muscles and tissue functioning and can be introduced to diet from real food like meat, fish, diary product etc; however protein powder is considered to be much more effective of them all.

Protein powder is basically made up of whey (a form of milk, protein is asserted while milk is heated and turned into cheese) egg, soy or rice. However protein powders are found containing any one of the above ingredients or it can be a combination of two or more. A proper consumption of this supplement protein will boost your immune system and helps in healing process, after any kind of injury or after surgery. All the protein powder containing essential amino acid, when consumed properly provides a number of nutritional and health benefits. Here are some of the different kinds of protein substitute.

Best Whey Protein Supplement

There are so many brands and types of whey protein supplements that are available in the market and considering that they are using different serving sizes, different scoop sizes and different container sizes and this makes it harder for a person to make the comparison. The key to losing fat, building muscle, or just improving your body or health in any way is a combination of a proper diet plan and a proper workout program. The best supplements in the world won’t do a thing if you don’t get the important stuff right first. With hundreds of protein powders all promising to be the best, it is a difficult process to find a high quality protein powder.
Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein which is recognized as the world leading Protein Powder is a great protein to start with. Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein is designed with a blend of muscle enhancing proteins in Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysate, and concentrate and L-Glutamine. Its Advanced 3 Stage Time Release Technology provides superior absorption, digestion, and shuttling to provide protein at the exact time that the muscles are in need of it. Optimum Nutrition has the highest quality proteins, muscle ripping compounds, and delicious tastes which means that when using it you have to bid goodbye to filler and preservative packed proteins.
Syn-Tec Synthesis is also among the best supplements you can get in the market. Syntha 6 comes from the well known company of Syn-Tec. They come in the signature red bottle with their logo, and you are promised maximum results. Its numerous flavor combinations which include cookies and cream provide better taste. Synthesis has all the right proteins in the right amounts and it’s the highest quality only. This supplement is also fortified with essential amino acids and fiber for more drawn out digestion which is good for absorption and greater muscle nourishing benefits that a person is not able to get from any normal protein powder.
Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide Whey which is another form of whey protein supplement will give you the optimal ratio of whey protein concentrate, isolate and casein for your daily needs. With Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide Whey, a person is able to get whey prtein and milk protein isolate in the same formula. This protein delivers a great tasting advanced muscle building protein that helps to cater to the real needs of athletes and everyday citizens alike. It also delivers only the highest quality protein for fast and effective delivery. This type of whey protein delivers various different forms of protein, and enables one to get a powerful 25g of pure protein for only the best results.

A Comparison Between Real Food And Protein Supplement

Protein is a necessary part of every living cell, and it makes the greater portion of your body weight. It provides structure to all the living beings, and participates in all the vital chemical process that is important for sustaining life. You can get protein from several real foods like meat, chicken, egg, dairy product etc. You can also makeup for protein deficiency in your body with protein supplements, available in different forms. They are available in the form of protein powders, protein bars, meal replacements and weight gainers. You can select any of the food supplements depending on the requirement of your body. Here are some differences between real food and protein supplements.

1. You can find fat and other ingredients in real food products whereas in protein supplements like 100 whey gold standard protein, is the purest form of whey protein isolates. They have a balanced amount of fat and other ingredients that makes it a reliable food supplement to prevent diseases.
2. Real food is economical and fits in your pocket easily whereas whey protein isolates are the most expensive source of protein.
3. The nutritional value and the protein percentage are also higher in these protein supplements. Over an ounce or just 24 grams of intake can provide nearly 79%of protein to your body.
4. Supplements of protein like 100 whey optimum acts fast in your body, than real f protein rich food. The hydro whey low molecules in supplements help them to act fast.
5. The lactase and other digestive enzyme in whey gold standard protein enhance absorption power making it friendlier to lactose intolerant individual when compared with real food.
6. Protein supplements are easy to use and they mix easily in just a few twirls of spoon whereas real food like chicken, egg etc has to be cooked and it requires a lot of time.
7. Athletes and weight gainers require an adequate amount of protein, as large amount of their tissues are burnt during workouts and training, this makes supplement protein more beneficial than real food.
8. Protein supplements are also multi dimensional protein food available, as they contain all the vitamins and minerals required by your body. In case of real food certain food stuffs have certain mineral and vitamins, that too in limited amount.
9. Supplements of protein are high in calorie, and less filling than real food, this makes it appropriate for people who require high calorie food.
10. Supplement protein available are convenient to preserve in comparison to real food, they are less temperature sensitive, and they do not require refrigeration or heating.

Protein is Important for a Healthy Diet

Protein is an important part to a healthy diet and nutritional plan. On the hcg diet phase 3 includes increasing your protein intake.

Tips On How To Take Whey Protein

Whey protein provides numerous benefits, it improves and repairs the tissues and are considered as optimum nutrition supplement. Protein shake and other variation of these supplement, provides a hassle free supply of protein in your body. Whey protein need not be taken in large quantity, neither it needs to be excessively consumed, like poultry, dairy product etc. Apart for numerous benefits this protein supplement can be taken in various ways. It can be taken as shakes, smoothies or can be included in some of your favorite recipe. On an average one scoop of whey protein contains 24 grams of protein, which is, adequate for your body in normal life, however if you are an athlete or a weightlifter, you need more protein. This is the reason the consumption of 100whey optimum varies depending on body weight and its requirement. Here are the few tips that will help you in enjoying the food supplement and attain the maximum benefit from it.

1. You can blend one full scoop of whey protein; mix it with water and half of a cored, medium apple and drink it 30 minutes before workout. This will help you reduce calories resulting in loss of weight. In case you need to increase your muscle strength, you need to mix two scoops of whey protein in one cup of milk and a cored, medium apple and drink the shake just 60 minutes before workout.
2. You can make tasty fruit smoothies using the vanilla flavored 100 whey gold protein. To make this, you need to blend together one scoop of whey protein, a cup of ice-cold water, half cup of cold cranberry juice, and half cup strawberry.
3. Oatmeal can be made tastier by adding 1 to 2 scoops of whey protein, plain or flavored, into cooked oatmeal. You can mix milk into it to reach proper consistency which is very good for health.
4. You can add 1 cup of fresh pineapple or a large banana to your protein shake and drink it just after workouts. This unique combination will quickly be absorbed into your blood stream, storing enormous energy, till and during the next workout.
5. You can also add whey protein into flour that is being used, for making pancake. You can use one to two scoops of whey protein while making pancake and other recipe with flour, nevertheless the quantity can vary depending on your taste and requirement.