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Common signs and symptoms of diabetes

Nobody should suffer alone, be it under whatever circumstances. Diabetes is a severe metabolic disorder that is usually signified by an excessive urge for urination and a constant feeling of thirst. Diabetes is a disorder that has been around for as long as we can remember. Most of us either know someone who has diabetes or someone who has been affected by diabetes. Diabetes can be monitored and controlled especially if this is done in the early stages. The only way that this can be done however is through early recognition, which means you or the ones around you must be very observant so as to realize that someone’s behavior pattern has significantly been altered, especially when it comes to passage of urine or an incessant urge to drink water.


There are some symptoms that should be closely monitored in an individual, which might lead to recommending them to seek specialist diabetic treatment. Though some of the symptoms are profound, some may be seen at the latter stages of the disorder. Generally both of the two types of diabetes, will have in common an excessive urge to quench your thirst, an increased rate of urination, some level of weakness to the body, a given degree of weight loss, and blurred vision, which if not treated may result in total loss of sight. It is important to deal with the symptoms as soon as they are discovered, since any delay will usually allow the disorder to propagate itself, and if this goes on for a long time, there could be severe implications, most common of which include failure of the kidneys, blindness, skin infections, which are usually dangerous like gangrene, diabetic neuropathy, heart diseases, stroke and birth defects for the mothers who are still on the family way.

Hair loss Causes and Symptoms and Hair Loss Remedies for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss as it is commonly understood is losing the hairs from the head. Medically, the hair loss refers to the baldness or alopecia. This is losing the hairs from the scalp in abundant quantity. Generally, losing 50-100 hairs per day can be considered as a normal physiological procedure as all those hairs can be replaced with new growing hairs. Hair loss becomes significant when one starts losing more than that figure of hairs a day.

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Solution for Hair Loss

Head Massage – Massaging the scalp is believed to promote proper blood flow. This in turn is necessary to help the nutrients reach the scalp and hair strands. Some experts say that there is no clear proof that this natural hair loss treatment is effective. For some though, who may be suffering from stress induced hair loss, a gentle massage may truly be helpful.

Regular Exercise – Just like a good massage, regular exercise is also believed to assist in promoting proper blood flow that is crucial for nutrient delivery and absorption. Again, this natural hair loss treatment has been hotly debated over. Common sense would tell you though that if exercise is generally good for the body, then it must have good effects on the hair too.

Depression: Depression Symptoms according to types of depression

Here you can find some common depression symptoms which will help you to understand the basic symptoms of depression in initial stage. The person always feels sad and lonely, start avoiding friends and family. You can observe the unusual change in behavior like feeling stressed out or tired all the time and also go through pains and acne in neck shoulder, leg, head etc. Usually there is a change in weight may be gain or loss in weight and concentration. One becomes weak which results in poor work performance and difficulty in making decisions. Many a times there is a change in menstrual cycle of women.

Gather the information about the depression symptoms according to the type of depression of an individual.

People suffering with depression and anxiety feel that they are in danger or bad things will happen to them or to their close ones. They become paranoid and live in constant fear. They develop negative thinking.

Apart from some of these common depression symptoms people suffering from depression can have dry mouth, fatigues and faint. Many a times they shiver, have a fast heart beat, muscle aces, sweat and usually have cold and moist hands.

People suffering with major depression could show up some of these types of depression symptoms such as low energy, low mood and also loss their interest in their favorite activities. They have trouble in sleeping like they can wake up early in the morning or wake up in night repeatedly. You can also observe that people suffering with major depression start feeling guilty, loss confidence and self-esteem. It is hard for them to concentrate on their work and therefore their performance drops. They think about suicide or can attempt to do so.

The tangible symptoms of depression

People who may be suffering from depression or manic disorders actually exhibit or show each and every kind of symptom of depression that doctors will tell you that depressed people have. Sometimes it’s actually quite easy to overlook such symptoms and not be able to help oneself or others who are suffering from depression for that matter.

There are actually a lot of symptoms of depression that depressed people may actually posses but they don’t have to suffer from each and every one of them before you actually help them get diagnosed and be treated for this illness. Also, since symptoms of depression actually vary, the time of their “attacks” varies as well.

Here are some common examples of symptoms of depression:

Prolonged period of sadness or not feeling “up to it,”  people who are always feeling not in the mood, who’d rather mope around the house and feel sorry for oneself is the best example for this symptom of depression.

Feels hopeless, perennial pessimist: speaking of feeling sorry for oneself, another common symptom of depression is when a person actually feels like he/she has nothing to look forward to in his or her life. As for being the perennial pessimist, those who show this symptom of depression are usually very negative about things, again, the feeling of hopelessness comes in to mind.

Teenage Depression ? is your Teen Depressed? Signs and Symptoms

Depression in teenagers is as high as depression in adults and it can lead to self harm and even suicide so make sure you know the signs of teenage depression before its to late.

Depression in Teenagers – How do I Know of my Teen is Depressed?

Teenagers with depression do not exhibit the same behavior as adults with depression and the difficulty for many parents is that much of the behavior that is diagnostically attributed to teenage depression, are the behaviors that most of experience with out teens at some stage.

A clinical diagnosis of depression may describe the following behaviors:-

• Feelings of not be understood by parents or teachers

• Increasing antisocial behavior

• Wanting to leave home

• Becoming negative and feeling ‘picked on’ or disapproved of

• Aggression

• Withdrawal from family and other social activities

• Spends more time in own company

• Lack of attention to personal grooming

If your teenager is depressed they may exhibit some or all of these symptoms.

In general, teenage girls with depression may become preoccupied with this of a morbid nature, while teenage boys will act up, becoming aggressive at school or at home, and perhaps getting into trouble with the police.