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Beautiful Video Examples and Steps to Create Your Own

A beautiful video will move people, inspire them, and perhaps make them want to tell others about the video. If you post yours on a public site and do things right, it can be seen by thousands or even millions of people!

Below are key steps to create a beautiful video:

Decide the Topic of Your Beautiful Video

There are two questions that you will need to answer before taking any other step”

What will be the topic of your video? Be sure to watch the examples I link to below; you’ll note the theme of the beautiful video The Old Grey Chair is old age and isolation. The theme of The 9 Timeless Secrets to be Happy is how to be happy. Determine at the start what your topic will be and try to be as concise as possible in defining it for yourself.

What action do you want your viewers to take? If you are publishing your video publicly, the main aciton you hope your viewers will take is to recommend it to others. But what other actions do you want them to take? In my beautiful video The Old Grey Chair, you will note that I intend people to remember that those in the old age years get lonely and can feel forgotten, and so I am to get people to want to visit and talk to elderly people they may know, such as grandparents, and those they don’t know too. What action, if any, do you want viewers to take from your video? And finally, what do you want them to feel? In The Old Grey Chair video below, you wlll initially feel sad but ultimately inspiration prevails. In The 9 Timeless Secrets of Being Happy video, an upbeat mood prevails.

Vegan Lentil Stew Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Recipe: Tonight’s vegan lentil stew recipe comes to you from Saranda, Albania. Phil and I got here this afternoon from Greece and are staying at a great hostel. We’ve been without a kitchen for a few days, so we were ready for some satisfying healthy vegan recipes.

Mens Health Video -The L Drill-

This is another job for mens health i did. this is video 2 of 3. This job was for the training for the NFL Combine. Shot on- Canon XL2 Edited on-Final Cut Pro

Dental Care Music Video

Have fun with this one! These are my partner’s cousins(The editor’s) we got them to act out all the lyrics to this song. remember to subscribe for more fun, songs, and exclusives! commenting is also accepted. We only do requests for music videos and spoofs under strict conditions, when we have a request of 500 people total for that one specific video. We will broadcast when we get 500 requests for that, and we might do that as well, but if we cannot meet together we cannot do the tutorial. the reason why is because we are opposite genders and plus we’re apparently too young to date and hang out with each other. FANS YOU CAN HELP US BY GIVING US AT LEAST 1000 COMMENTS SAYING WE ARE OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS KIND OF THINGS! WE ARE ONLY 13 AND IF YOU THINK THIS IS AN OLD ENOUGH AGE THEN FOLLOW THESE STEPS- step 1(optional)) subscribe step 2) comment this video and say “young power” step 3) get your friends to do this step 4) we will broadcast this feat and make a specail video of us actually singing!

Mens Health Video -40 Yard Dash-

This is a job that i did for mens health, this was one of the videos(out of 3) that went along with an article on Mens Health’s Website. Shot on- XL2 Edited on- Final Cut Pro

Video of Female Hair Transplant – Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

Interview on the Early Show: Female Hair Transplant Patient treated for Hair Loss in Women at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York:

Female Hair Loss Patient Video for Medical Hair Restoration

Mary details her hair transplantation experience with Medical Hair Restoration in this testimonial video. Hear what Mary has to say about her hair loss surgery in this video. At Medical Hair Restoration we know that millions of women suffer from many varieties of female hair loss. Thousands…

Video of Hair Loss Patient on Queer Eye – Hair Transplant New York

Dr. Bernstein of Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York City featured on Queer Eye Episode #231 Jeff L. “Engagement”

Nanogen Hair Loss Video

Full video on Nanogen’s Hair Loss Treatments & especially the patented Nanofibres patented Camouflage for Thinning Hair. More information is available at

Average Penis Size Mens Health – Give Oral Sex Video – Penis Length Expert

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